NGU-Leaders‘ Summit 2018 - Purpose-Driven Learning (Pogradec, Albania, 4th, 5th May 2018)

How can universities (especially the NGU) support project leaders in their day-to-day activities?

Conferences can help to challenge people to think differently and push themselves.

Workshop discussions were initiated by short presentations. The following video shows Prof. Dr. Elis Tarelli & Dr. Ahmed Bugri (also a lecturer at the IBS Oldenburg) speaking about intercultural communication as an important element for a successful international university:

Dear friends and colleagues: Thank you for inviting us to the NGU-Conference, it was a wonderful experience! … Prof. Dr. Lutz Stührenberg

The Principles for Purpose-Driven Learning? Adam Moreno: “The content that we teach will most likely be forgotten. However, the experience we offer the students can be lasting. The focus should not be on what we teach; rather it should be on how we teach it.” (Adam Moreno,, May 2018) Look also at the Keys to Purpose-Driven Learning:

Nehemiah Gateway University (NGU) - Facts & Figures: